Frequently asked questions

What is The Defined Role about?

Here is a summary: It is said that when you die, one of three things happen: You receive an offer to become a demon, an offer to become an Angel, or you receive no offer at all. Samuel Stewart wants nothing more than to be an Exorcist. Convinced a demon was responsible for his sister’s apparent suicide, he has strived to prevent the same from happening to others. However, he thinks his chances at fighting demons is lost once he’s deemed unqualified to be an Exorcist. It’s only when he learns of Davis Turner – the youngest person to have ever been possessed and survive – that his hope is rekindled. Davis wants absolutely nothing to do with Exorcists. He’d much rather lose himself to a character on stage than to a demon, but his childhood possession has left him vulnerable to demons, and a risk to those around him. What starts out as a wary friendship turns into something neither of them want to live without, but when the Charleston Exorcist Squad drafts Davis as their new member, the horrors of being an Exorcist are revealed. Davis must struggle to come out of the draft unscathed, while Samuel must go on a journey within himself to accept the truths of his past ideals and search for something to fill the void left behind.

What genre is The Defined Role?

It's a Queer, Urban Fantasy, Adult novel! I considering it New Adult myself, but that category is hardly seen.

Where can I find you on other social media?

You can find me on tumblr, pillowfort, twitter, facebook, and instagram @annieoquinn! However, I am the most active on tumblr, so here: ww.annieoquinn.tumblr.com

So you're an artist and an author?

Yup! I post about both pretty much everywhere. At conventions for art, I go under AOQArt more often than not, otherwise Annie O'Quinn.

Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

All over! But mostly, my fixations: Any current read or watch, space, animals, magic, Fall, and the such.

What program do you use for your art?

It varies so much, but if it's traditional, I go with acrylic paint. If it's digital, it's all a mix of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and then Procreate with Adobe InDesign thrown in there.