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Chapter 7

She watched silently and warily from just around the corner of the Albert Simons Center. If only the other boy hadn’t come along…it would have all been a lot easier. Now there was his life to consider, too, on top of Davis’s. It was always more difficult when civilians were involved. Sure, she had given up on saving people, but government rules were government rules.


She kept low, kept quiet, kept aware. She had to be ready, whether that meant capture or kill.


Someone stepped up beside her. She lowered her gun.


“He’ll be okay,” her boss said, his voice as demanding as it was reassuring. “He’s not dangerous.”


“You call that ‘not dangerous?’” she spat in a harsh whisper. She pushed herself off the side of the building and thrusted her gun in its holster. “It’s been hours. You think he’ll beat it?”


“I believe so. Inshallah,” he said. “Watch, if you don’t believe me.”


“I believe you,” she hissed. “It just isn’t normal.”


“He’s our responsibility now,” he said. “It is not our responsibility to kill a civilian.”


“It is to protect them,” she said, crossing her arms and leaning against the side of the building. She could hear him even from here, the noise of pain and torture. If she couldn’t kill him to protect others, what about ending his misery? She looked at her boss and rolled her eyes with a sigh. “Fine, let’s go.”

Sometimes being an Exorcist was more frustrating than fun.

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